Adrift (Book One)


Living a life with no responsibilities and nowhere you have to be, might sound like a dream come true to many people, but not to Heather Moore. Sitting in a dark house, waiting to hear her deceased father’s voice, was driving her crazy.

But where do you go when you have nowhere you have to be?

Daniel Bradshaw travels the country restoring historic buildings for a living. Daniel wants to inspire others to value the past instead of bulldozing it over.

On the coast of California nestled between Los Angeles and San Francisco is the quaint village of Crescent Bay. Once it had been an active port for smugglers trying to avoid the high tariffs of legitimate ports of call. Now it serves as a tourist destination for those seeking cute shops, seaside relaxation, and nautical history.Part of Crescent Bay’s history sits on the outskirts of the village, an abandoned lighthouse overlooking the cliffs. It is said that on foggy nights you can see the wispy figure of a woman standing on the gallery of the lighthouse, searching the sea. Some even claim that they have seen her jump over the edge and plunge screaming to her death.

Heather and Daniel land in Crescent Bay, Heather in search of direction and Daniel to bring the lighthouse’s past back to life.

But sometimes the past wants to be left alone.

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