Silver Hart

Scary Haunted house

Escaping her controlling and manipulative uncle, Sammie Tamlson seeks refuge in a run-down house in Haven. To her surprise, the house, called Silver Hart, is rumored to be haunted after a series of murders were committed on the property. The owner of the house takes pity on her, and Sammie is hired on as Silver Hart’s caretaker.

Chris Hanley knows a lucrative business venture when he sees it, and the paranormal is all the rage, right now. Starting up Haunted Happenings, a company that hosts ghost hunting events is the perfect opportunity for Chris to make money while indulging in something that interests him. Chris visits Haven hoping to investigate Silver Hart, but getting inside the infamous location proves harder than he imagined. The feisty caretaker won’t let him anywhere near the house. Chris discovers that there’s more lurking in the shadows than angry spirits from the past. Someone wants Sammie dead. And now it’s up to Chris to save her from the all the dangers of Silver Hart.

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