Cat’s Meow

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Irish Sentinel Catlin Burchfield is a downright snob, believing his level of witchcraft ranks far above any of his peers.  When an evil witch with a vendetta against his brethren wreaks havoc amongst other witches, Catlin is sent to America to uncover the witch’s vile plan.  To his utter disbelief and dismay, Catlin finds himself in over his head and cursed by the witch’s powers.

Crossing paths with a novice witch, Kathleen Mallery, is Catlin’s only saving grace.  To think a witch-in-training could save an expert like him is ludicrous, but she does just that.  As Kathleen and Catlin search for the evil sorceress, they realize they’ve got more magic than witchcraft between them.  As their desire increases, so does the danger lurking in every corner.  Can Catlin and Kathleen find a way to stop the vengeful witch before it’s too late or will their magic end with evil’s final revenge?  

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